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  • TOURS, CHICAGO: "Although wildly skeptical of anyone who tells me that their marketing can work for such a low cost, we decided to give PrintmeCoupon a try and have been thrilled with the response that we have gotten. Not only have they brought us new customers but they brought us ones that were weird enough to enjoy our off-beat tours!" (2011, Weird Chicago)

  • RESTAURANT, CHICAGO: "Printmecoupon is a very flexible and inexpensive program for any business to use. It gets your name out there with great results! In addition the team at Printmecoupon is very friendly to deal with and customer service focused." (2010, Ciao Amore Ristorante)

  • SALON & SPA, CHICAGO: "Just wanted you to know, a male client called and asked if he can print a bunch of coupons for the salon services for Saturday. He asked how many he can use and we said as long as we have availability he can use them. So we booked the appointments for him. I am surprised how quickly we have a response, excited to see how it goes. I looked at the online coupon ad and I am very happy with the way you did it. Thank you so very much for all your help. Have a great weekend!" (2010, Anna George Salon & Spa)

  • AUTO, CHICAGO: “Print Me Coupon is super easy to use and effective! We found our target and saw sales jump right away. Thank you Print Me Coupon!!!”!" (2010, I Go Car Sharing)

  • MASSAGE, CHICAGO: "I have three new massage clients in the first month of advertising with printmecoupon. This marketing definitely pays for itself!" (2010, Massage Matters)

  • SPA, CHICAGO: "PrintmeCoupon is a small business BFF. It's super easy to update coupons and the results are immediate!" (2010, Chocolate For Your Body an AVEDA Family Salon Spa)

  • REAL ESTATE, CHICAGO: I got an inquiry from PMC. Thought this might help to market to realtors and private owners. "I saw a mention of the 1003 condo on 780 S. Federal at

    I was just wondering if the unit was still available and if you could give me some more details, such as when it is available, what is included in the rent, etc." (2010, Private Owner of apartments)


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