Shakey's Pizza Parlor

Shakey's Pizza Parlor - Pasco

Introducing the area’s newest family-friendly destination Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. . Enjoy every bit of the action-packed experience and delicious specialty pizza’s that put Shakey’s on the map with our latest coupons. With a full menu that featuring signature pizzas like the Ultimate Meat and the Big Island BBQ, plus savory side items like sauce-covered chicken wings,

The Shakey’s experience goes beyond food with the help of an arcade that’s home to more than 40 games; two 100-inch HD televisions tuned in to the season’s most in-demand sports matches; and a frothy selection of 12 beers on tap. Now that there’s a Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in your neighborhood, it’s time you and the entire family take full advantage by ordering a filling meal served fresh from the oven with a side of fun.

Our story: Sherwood "Shakey" Johnson opened the first Shakey's Pizza Parlor® in a remodeled grocery store on 57th and J Street in Sacramento, California in 1954. Originally established as "ye public house" for pizza & beer, Johnson indulged his passion for Dixieland jazz and added live ragtime music to mix, featuring banjos and player pianos throughout his rapidly expanding franchise. As the concept caught on, the Shakey's name became synonymous with the World's Greatest Pizza™ along with light-hearted slogans such as "You'll have fun at Shakey's, also pizza," and "You can feed your face at any old place, but you can warm your heart at Shakey's."

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